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Top 10 Dog Dad Gifts : Fathers Day Present from the Dog

Dog dads can celebrate Fathers Day too! A great way to surprise your favorite dog dad is by giving him a fathers day present from the dog.  From t-shirts, to hoodies, masks, and gadgets we compiled a list of our favorite gifts online you can order just in time for Fathers Day.


Top 10 Dad Dog Gifts :  Fathers Day Presents from the Dog 


Dog Dad Apparel

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This is the best way to tell the dog dad in your life that he is THE best there is. He can wear his Dog Dad title proudly every Fathers day with a dog t shirt, long sleeve, hoodie, or tank top.


Dog Dad Phone Case / Accessories

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Is your dog dad a sock guy? Tech Guy? Coffee Guy? DogMom& has you covered with all the fun accessories made for a lovable dog dad!


Custom Golf Balls (Best Dad By Par)

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Help dad take his favorite fur baby with him on those day trips to the golfing range with customized golf balls that read, “Best Dad By Par.” This is also a great addition to keep in his trophy room, office, man cave, or by his bed!


Dog DNA Test


If your dog dad a rescue dog dad? A doggy DNA testing kit is a great way to learn more about the breed of your dog, what food he/she likes the best, and how to prepare and care for their health. This is a great way for a dog dad to grow closer to his doggy son / daughter by learning more about them!


Whiskey Glass

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Bring the style and edge out into your home bar with this Dog Father Whiskey Glass. If your dog likes to “Hang with the Boys” on the weekends this is the perfect fathers day gift from the dog.


Dog Fart Extinguisher Candle

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The perfect gift a dog can get for their dog dad with a great sense of humor.

Dog Backpack Carrier

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The adventuring dog and dog dad need this dog carrying backpack made to comfortably and safely hold the dog during hiking, biking, and more.


Dirtbag Car Seat Cover 

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This is the gift for the traveling dad and dog! Keep your back seats clean and organized even on rainy days with the Dirtbag Dog Seat cover. This also helps your dog from slipping down off the seat while your dad puts the petal to the metal!

Hands Free Leash

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The runner dad will benefit from a hands free dog leash where he can hold his phone, drink some water, and even signal to drivers on his runs.



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Planning a game night to celebrate fathers day? This dogopoly monopoly style game is a funny gift for the dog to “give” his dog dad on fathers day.


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